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A Beginning Like Many Others
On November 24, 1844, Adam and Franziska Horhammer Streitel rejoiced at the birth of their first-born daughter Amalia. She was born in Mellrichstadt, Germany, a picturesque town lying in the foothills of the Rhon Mountains and the Thuringian forest. According to the custom of her time, she was baptized on the day of her birth in her parent's home and named Amalia Frances Rose.

Her parents, who lived a life based on the principles of the Catholic faith, had three other children: Adam, Hermann and Hedwig. The Streitel family manifested their sincere love of God and neighbor through their loving concern for the poor, the sick and the needy. Together they made their home an ideal Catholic family where daily prayer, attendance at Mass and celebration of the feasts of the Church, especially those of the Blessed Virgin Mary, were of fundamental importance. 

Her Childhood
Although a lively and strong-willed girl, Amalia soon learned self-control and self-discipline through the guidance of her mother, who demanded obedience, punctuality and orderliness in daily living. At an early age, she was taught to perform household tasks and to become skillful in needlework. She was also carefully trained in the manners of her social class. As she grew up, more social obligations were placed upon her, including the prospect of marriage.

Yet as she matured a great hunger began to grow within her--to seek more than social expectations of even marriage. The more she desired was to seek God in a life of service and solitude.

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